Custom Stained Glass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between custom stained glass work and stock?

Stock:  Certain  items that are in constant demand such as our critters and bugs, boats and trees, which we build according to our own unique designs, but are fairly similar and have a consistent style. Because stained glass is always different due to the nature of the material, we can make a piece that is similar but will not be exact.

Custom stained glass is:

 as simple as accepting the customer’s request to add a name to a boat or make a stock item in a customer selected colour.


Fully custom stained glass work consists of an original design executed by our talented Master Artisan, Sharen Johnson. The design is then handcrafted by our team along with Sharen from stained glass, metal and other mediums as appropriate. Customer input is taken into account regarding colour, size, and other customizable elements.   One consult is included in the cost.  Design fee is charged at $50.00/hour

Once the design is complete, and approved the customer has one revision included. further revisions are 

How much does my project cost?

Our projects are costed out on a per project basis, depending on size, intricacy, labour, material costs and uniqueness of the design. There is a non- refundable design fee due prior to completing a drawing. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any purchase of materials or cutting begins. The remaining payments can be divided Both the cost of the drawing and the cost of the design will also vary according to difficulty level.

Please note that in stained glass, smaller is not easier, so the cost of projects and designs vary more according to intricacy and metal work than size.

A small piece made up of many tiny pieces would be a lot more than a small piece made up of 10 or so simple geometric shapes.

Many inside curves also increases is used as part of the design, that also adds to the cost.


How long will my project take to complete?

Projects can take anywhere from 3 days to 5 years to complete. It really depends on what other projects are on the go, availability of materials, difficulty level of the project and size. Part of the process of ordering a custom piece of art is deciding on a reasonable time frame for completion, with room for extending deadlines if necessary.


Can I send you a picture or piece of art that someone else has made and expect you to make it again for me?

No. All my designs are my own. I do not copy other person’s designs. They are often also copywritten.

However, if you like a particular image designed by another artist, I could do a couple of things:

1. I could base my design on the other artist’s work and credit them.

2. I could collaborate with the other artist and come up with an original unique design.



Custom Projects on the Go!

Current custom projects on the go include 2 large panels memorializing the deaths of 3 special pets, a special Mothers Day set of 3 sculptures, 3 separate custom boats,