About Us

Find your Joy Again!  

Let one of our sweet critters, beautiful dragonflies or butterflies, amazing inspiring trees find their way into your heart and let go of your sadness or grief for just a little while.

Purple-stained-glass-dragonfly-9-inches-by 9-inches-garden-art
Be inspired to dream!

Allow us to create space for love, connection and new dreams.

We Are Glass Quirks!

 Our Inspiration:

  Quirky, playful, whimsical.  We bring joy and healing in these difficult times with playful creatures and images to remind us that there is light especially when we feel lost. 

We use stained glass, beautiful and colourful, broken and sharp, earthy yet edged; perfect as a transformational medium for processing pain and soothing tender hurts and hearts. 

  We do our best to laugh and invite laughter or smiles when life seems at its toughest!

    Sharen, Artisan and Therapist, like so many of us, has experienced the pain of a broken life and rebuilt it over again.  She uses these experiences to inform her work with that resilience and strength.  Her critters are meant to see you through sad difficult times,  making you smile  when at your lowest.

 Sessions with Sharen will be available soon!!

    Artisan and CEO Sharen ‘s creations tell tales drawn from herself and her clients’ stories of humour and hope, strength and steadfastness. Each critter has a helpful name that infuses qualities and personality specially to blunt the edge of sorrow and grief with humour and whimsy.


Sharen can be found at her bricks and mortar studio on Johnson Street in Victoria, BC; or her outdoor vending booth at the Inner Harbour in Victoria BC, People visit her there to chuckle and smile  at her whimsical creations; perhaps after a much needed cry,  then leave with some small work of art  that they needed, a small piece of comfort for the sad times. 



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Let go of the bad stuff and Imagine a wonder filled life!


Sharen Johnston

Founder - CEO, Designer, Master Artisan

Brenda Mama Bear

Brenda Smith

Project Consultant, Engineering

Glass Quirks  CEO, Designer and Artisan Sharen Johnston

has been working with stained glass since 1998 and in business as a stained glass artisan since 2010, She first opened an outdoor booth at the Bastion Art Market in downtown Victoria before operating a brick and mortar studio, on Johnson Street, downtown Victoria BC an outdoor seasonal vending booth at the Victoria BC Inner Harbour and an online etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/Glassquirks, where you can see more of her work.

 Sharen Johnston Art Therapist:

  has also  practiced as an art therapist since 2004 having completed her post graduate master’s equivalent in art therapy at the BC School of Art therapy in 2002 a practicum at the Metchosin Community Center.  We seek to combine her expertise as artisan and therapist  with humour and whimsy to lighten our people’s experience of the world today.

The Heartfelt Team

The current Team has been with Sharen since 2014.  The Team members form a company which ebbs and flows like the ocean tides ever changing ever creating. The team works to meet the needs of its people ever helpful and kind.

Sharen Johnston, highly skilled Artisan and Owner maintains creative control of concept, design and fine finishing.  Her creativity is the foundation from which the initial spark of a new idea grows and catches fire.

Brenda, former apprentice and studio manager now collaborates in concept and design, provides engineering, a steady pulse and attention to detail that keeps the creation flowing smoothly.  Brenda consultants on and assists with major projects.  She has a keen eye and is a master at clarifying and resolving engineering issues.  Brenda also has the tenacity of a mama bear, helping to push projects to new heights.  Due to covid 19 staffing restrictions, Brenda also kindly assists with prep work.