3D Stained Glass Animals

Handmade 3d stained glass animals that are made with lead free silver solder so that my glass animals can be safely handled and repositioned.  Children and adults love to hold and look at them. Each 3 d stained glass animal has a unique different name which reflects its personality, like Liam.  Some of the animal names have special meaning as well. For instance, Liam the green lizard’s name stands for strength and protection.  Sick children laugh at my whimsical wire animals and these sweet creatures remind a grieving adult of the happy times with a loved one who has passed.  They fill garden memory spaces with light and love.

I make sturdy 3D stained glass and wire animals safe to get attached to. Normal stained glass is leaded therefore it rusts and breaks. My 3D stained glass, made with silver solder and came, is shiney and virtually unbreakable. Each glass animal is also washable and rustproof because the silver solder protects the copper wire.  So, my 3d glass creatures are safe to display in your garden.  My stained glass animals are unusually durable. A dropped animal will bounce on its copper wire legs instead of break.

Customers love to collect my unique quirky critters.  They know the critters are a good investment, durable and sturdy.  Each season, repeat customers preview new additions to my menagerie and choose the one they are drawn to.  They select size, eye colour, glass texture, glass colour and finally name. The hardest choice is whether to keep the stained glass 3D animal or give it as a gift!