I made this lovely aqua iridescent dragonfly sculpture from specialty stained glass to help a special customer celebrate the anniversary of the passing of a beloved family member. The rainbow glass reflects all the colours of love and fond memories. It has a special place in their house, sending shards of colour and reminding them of their loved one in a pleasant and peaceful way.

This beautiful iridescent dragonfly measures 3.5 ” x 3.5″ from wing tip to wing tip and stands 2″ tall
Each lovely dragonfly is unique. I hand cut this dragonfly’s wings from iridescent aqua stained glass in rainbow clear, hand sculpted its body from silver solder and made its legs from silvered copper wire. The legs bend so that the dragonfly can stand balanced anyway you like. The angle at which the dragonfly stands changes how the light is refracted, and it will cast rainbow light throughout your room all day as long as there is light. The dragonfly is rust proof, so can beautify your garden as well. This elegant dragonfly can hang from a branch, ceiling fan, or a hook in your window. It could sit on a table, or hang from its front feet. It has a detailed little face, its own personality.

Each dragonfly is created individual when it is ordered so there may be a delay in shipping. It can take from 3 days to 3 weeks to complete, depending on availability of materials, so if this is a gift or needed for a special event, please contact me immediately upon purchase, or add a note to your order in the place for customer notes with the date the piece needs to arrive.

Give this lovely piece a home.
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