Bright Olive Green Stained Glass Tree Frog

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I originally made this bright olive green stained glass tree frog named Teddy, for a friend who needed cheering up.  Teddy has pretty blue eyes, wrapped in silver came, so that they stand up a little along the side of his head. I hand sculpted his hands and toes from silver solder and copper wire so that they have little pads, and are strong and flexible.


My little olive green stained glass tree frog friend measures about 1’1/2″ across the glass and 3″ from head to bottom. The legs can add another three or four inches depending on how much they are straightened or bent. Total width can be as much as 7 inches from toe to toe.

Teddy is a one of a kind fellow, with his own sweet personality.  He is so soft hearted he’s like a little teddy bear. (PS if you want to change his name when you adopt him, go ahead but send me an email so I know his new name).

Teddy’s little toes can be bent to hold onto a hook or the edge of a cupboard so that he can climb the wall. He is quite easy to re-pose. You can bend his arms and legs so that he looks like he’s leaping into the air, or climbing pretty much anything you place him on. He can be hung either in a window, or on a wall. He makes you smile! Teddy also comes with a log like the one his pal Rocket is posed on, in the next picture.

If you check out the lizard and frog section you will see several relatives in different colours and styles, all looking for good homes.

Teddy ships carefully packed and shrink-wrapped.

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