Glass Art Tree Frog OOAK Sculpture Bendable 3D Stained Glass and Wire Small

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This cute bendable, but sturdy glass and metal little iridescent purple frog sculpture named Sweet Pea is made by hand from stained glass and wire. His little toes can be bent to hold onto a hook or the edge of a cupboard so that he can climb the wall. Sweet Pea has his own sweet personality, and is adoptable! He is looking for a new home, and while I will miss him, I can make his brother to keep me company. My critters are so personable, no one wants to accidentally break them, so I make them really strong, you can drop them on cement and they won’t break. Please get in touch with me if you have concerns about how to bend this sweet fellow and I will explain. Sweet Pea is quite easy to re-pose. You can bend his arms and legs so that he looks like he’s leaping into the air, or climbing pretty much anything you place him on. He can be hung either in a window, or on a wall. He makes you smile! (PS if you want to change the name just email me the new one]
My little frog friend measures about 4″ x 4″ from toe to toe on the sides and from head to bum. If you check out the lizard and frog section you will see several relatives in different colours and styles, all looking for good homes. Sweet Pea ships carefully packed and shrink-wrapped.

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