Grass green stained glass and wire lizard

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This cute stained glass gecko or lizard can be used as a necklace and earing holder, or a key ring keeper. Hung sideways from two nails my last customer told me she could hang 20 earings and necklaces from this fellow’s flexible legs arms and toes. Sandy’s arms and legs and tail are bendable and re-positionable. The tail spreads apart so that two levels are available for your jewelry. Hung upside down from a hook by the tip of his tail, his arms will hold many sets of keys.  Sandy is so funny and cute, that he makes you smile in the midst of the sadness going on in the world today.

Sandy is about 9 inches long from head to tail, and about 4 inches wide from toe to toe, although that changes every time you bend his legs and tail.  This little fellow will also cling to a branch, wire or wooden fence or sit in a pot in your garden. Bring him inside in the winter.


Please contact the seller if there is a specific date you’d like to have Sandy the stained glass lizard arrive. We will then make every effort to have this little fellow arrive on time!  In the meantime go here (add link to post) to check out our standard shipping policy.


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