Happy cute red stained glass frog

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This cute little red stained glass frog was handmade by me from rare streaky red stained glass silver solder and copper wire.  My sweet, quirky stained glass creations, frogs,  lizards are a wonderful way to help someone through a moment of sadness.  They have their own personalities. They are sturdily made so its ok to get attached.

Dimensions and Construction: Cute Red Stained Glass Frog

The small size, like Rocket here is 4 inches from nose to bottom, stands about 3 inches high, on his bent legs but the legs and arm can add about 4 to 5 inches either side when the legs are straightened

They are super expressive with big eyes and smiling faces.  Even the most hardened of adults or angry child smiles when they see these little fellows.

All my critters, such as this cute red stained glass frog have a few different uses as well.

The frog is so eye catching that it can hang from a cupboard inside and hold keys or other household items that are easily lost.

These frogs are virtually unbreakable, so that if they are dropped on cement, they will survive no problem.  This means they can become garden ornaments, cling to the top of a fence or live next to a pond since they are also rustproof.

This cute red stained glass frog, made from stained glass and silvered wire can become a magical fairy steed.  This sweetie comes with harness, upon request and in 6 colours.  Build a whimsical element into your fairy garden.  Children will love these creatures, bringing a smile on the worst of days.


Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

Red, Lime Green, Clear Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Spotted Green, Olive Green


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