Indigo Blue Stained Glass Tree of Life Overlay Double Sided OOAK

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I made this gorgeous indigo blue stained glass tree of life art from layers of copper foil carefully applied to a hand cut circle of rich indigo blue stained glass, and then carved out the foil to make the tree trunk and roots. I then sculpted the silver solder layers into bark for the roots and trunk, and over-layed silver coated copper wire for branches and rootlets.

I love trees, and believe the roots give life, support and ground the viewer. This piece is double sided. There is a different tree on each side of the glass, and the branches, trunk and roots have been sculpted in different places so that they show through the glass when the sun or a strong light shines through the piece. Each tree expresses a different mood, a different personal aspect. There is always some mystery to be discovered, and a story to be told within the piece.

The pictured Tree is only one example of the possible trees, and I have made a new one, same type and colour of glass, same beautiful root structure, slightly different branches, and slightly different striations in the glass. These pieces are one of a kind, made only once this way and never again the same. I can make a similar one however, using the same colour and type of glass, or a different glass.

This tree is 8 inches across, and is framed in silver came. It can be hung in a window or on a wall with a light behind it. It is beautiful with or without lighting, but is spectacular with the evening sun shining through it.

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