Model Boat Schooner stained glass, double masted, OOAK

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I designed and built this beautiful one of a kind schooner, a custom 3 dimensional stained glass model of the Thane the 3 Hour Sail boat docked in the inner Victoria Harbour as a special birthday present for the owner’s wife. The model is 37 inches long by 39 inches tall. The model has a replica of the upper cabin with helm, dashboard and curved walls. There is a tiny boat in the cradle under the solar panels at the back. In the bow rests the lifeboat and the anchor and winch, and attached to the bowsprit is a copper mesh net, rigged with railings. The ship is fully rigged with copper wire rat lines from which rope coils hang and silver solder coated railings. Communication equipment, on the top of the second mast, a stove pipe, detailed hatches and the skylight on the front of the cabin are a few of the tiny details, that personalize the Thane. The schooner pictured is a one of a kind example of what is possible through a custom order. My customer said that the model had the right “feel” and the personality of his boat.

The Thane is a one of a kind creation, but I can build a custom boat, similar in detail from plans and pictures for you or your loved one.

The boat ships carefully packed and insured.

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