Rare iridescent red stained glass dragonfly OOAK

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I hand make this rare iridescent red stained glass dragonfly in honour of a friend of mine who has had many experiences of loved ones passing celebrated by a dragonfly immediately settling on her shoulder as if to say I will still be with you.  A wonderful sympathy or mourning gift, a perfect memorial to a loved one. This amazing  iridescent red stained glass dragonfly has delicate silvered legs that can be bent so it will hold on to a twig, or plant, or stand on a table casting rainbow colour across a room.

Rare Iridescent Red Stained Glass Dragonfly Dimensions and Construction

I am offering this special rare dragonfly 3″ from wing tip to wing tip by 4 inches from head to tail for sale. He has been sculpted from silver solder, and details added with silvered copper wire. Early in 2017, I sold the last of my wonderful small iridescent red dragonflies when the beautiful iridescent red glass finally came to an end. In October, I came across a rare piece of this amazing glass, and here we are!

Display Options
The dragonfly can be fitted with a cap on the underside which will slip over a peony stake if you want to display it over the garden. It can also come with a wrapped wire display hanger or a plain loop, or tiny wire legs to stand on.

This dragonfly also comes in  teal and turquoise iridescent, purple  and boysenberry iridescent, royal blue iridescent, orange, green with purple iridescent, and any other colour you request.

He ships specially packed in bubble wrap.

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