I crafted this gorgeous butterfly symbol of transformation using the copper foil method, and lead free silver solder. I used pretty iridescent turquoise and green stained glass for the wings and silver coated copper wire to add detail and little legs. The butterfly measures about 6″ x 6″, and the antennae are another 2 to 3″ long. I love my butterflies, one of the few critters I can get really fanciful with, and make of whatever whimsical colour I please!

My butterflies can hang or stand on their points, and can be used as a shade for a candle or night light with the antennae either wrapped around the candle, or pushing out from the shelf wall. The legs are made from copper wire hand coated in silver solder, so they can bend to attach the butterfly to a trellis or pot in your garden, or hang from a twig on a tree. This beauty can also be hung like a mobile from a fan so little children can enjoy it as well as adults, or hung in a window to show off the beautiful colour in the wings.

If you have a special butterfly in mind just ask in the convo when you order. I make many different colours of butterfly, and customize them within reason upon request, as well as the red, blue and pink or purple iridescent ones pictured above. I also make many of my butterflies out of special glass that is either discontinued, or unique to that particular butterfly.

***I make all of my pieces individually when you order the piece, so there may be slight variations from the photos, or a delay in shipping. If the piece is urgently required, please make a note on your order form to contact you to get a due date, or to upgrade shipping or processing times. Most of my pieces take 3 days to 3 weeks to produce depending on the number of orders already in process, but I make every effort to get them out in time if it is a gift or of special urgency.

***Thanks for stopping by!