The Story

I crafted this gorgeous butterfly symbol of transformation for one of my customers who was looking for a special gift for his 90 year old mom for Mother’s day.  We chatted back and forth collaborating on building a concept using lovely effervescent blue glass as the basis and then adding in textures and iridescence until he was satisfied that all of his questions were answered and he could leave the design and crafting of the butterfly with me.  The butterfly needed to be able to stand, be blue, light but sturdy so that his elderly mom could safely move it around her home.

Materials and Construction

I used the copper foil method, and lead free silver solder, silver coated copper wire, sustainable safe materials to make this amazing creation.  The body was made hollow so that it would be light enough and sturdy enough to support the wings. The legs were made to be flexible and sturdy, able to support the weight

*The butterfly measures about 10″ x 11″.

Custom Work

I love my butterflies, one of the few critters I can get really fanciful with, and make of whatever whimsical colour I please! So if you have a special butterfly in mind just ask when you order. I make many of my butterflies out of special glass that is either either discontinued, or unique to that particular butterfly.

Special Features

This butterfly can be hung like a mobile from a fan so little children can enjoy it as well as adults, or hung in a window to show off the beautiful colour in the wings. The butterfly has legs that can be twisted into a hanger, or it can cling from a trellis or pot edge. It can stand on a display table or hang using fishing line, any where you like.

I make all of my pieces individually, when you order the piece, so there may be variations from the photos, or a delay in shipping.