Sailboat 3d, white & blue stained glass

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Description: Sailboat 3d, white & blue stained glass

This is a sailboat handcrafted from white & blue stained glass.  It is perfect for a Valentine or any time of year gift to a special loved one with a connection to the sea. This stained glass sailboat would make an excellent hostess gift, or a birthday present for the nautically inclined person. It can sit in the window in the bathroom, or in someone’s nautically themed room. It makes a lovely addition to a study, especially if the person has a seascape stained glass window.

I have hand made every tiny detail on this boat. I used the copper foil method, reinforcing the deck and the mast with lead came, but I’ve used special silver, lead free solder to weld all of the pieces together. The sails are made from wispy glass, so that it looks like the wind is blowing them. The little portholes, rope coils, and steering wheel/helm, are made from copper wire.


The sailboat, 3d, measures 8″ tall by 2.5″ wide by 4″ long.


The boat does come in several other colours: light blue, dark blue, red and teal, or I can custom make one for you if you select custom order. Each boat is handmade, so may vary slightly from the picture.

Please note that shipping is standard air small package. There may be a slight delay, since each boat is handmade and takes any where from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on what else I am building at the time of your order. If you need the boat as a gift, or for an event, please let me know right away so that I can meet your deadling.

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1 review for Sailboat 3d, white & blue stained glass

  1. River Wyman

    This beautiful, hand-crafted piece arrived quickly and impressed us. It was well received as a gift. This was a unique and special find.

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