Funny stained glass and wire red lizard garden art

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This is Seigfried, the handmade stained glass and wire red lizard. He’s a little grumpy looking but still fun to have! One of my customers recently used the first version to hold 25 earrings and necklaces, by hanging him from his toes sideways on her wall in her bedroom. Once you have adopted Seigfried you may change his name if you’d like, but send me his new name in an email please!

Dimensions & Materials

I made this funny stained glass lizard from deep red streaky stained glass using the copper foil method then wrapped silver came around his stained glass body for extra support and protection. He makes you smile!

This funky stained glass and wire red lizard measures about 15″ from the tip of his tail to the end of his snout and 4″ from toe to toe on the sides.

Unique Features

Flexible and Repositionable

This funky lizard is made from silver coated copper wire, which means his legs are flexible and can be bent and moved into different shapes.

His little toes can be bent to hold onto a hook or the edge of a cupboard so that he can climb the wall, or he has a hook attached to the top of his underside that he can hang sideways from as well. He can be hung either in a window, or on a wall.

Rust Resistant

The metal parts are also rust resistant.  This stained glass and wire lizard is probably displayed best out in your garden, or in a pot.

He could also look like he is climbing a tree or a fence, just by bending his arms and legs and toes to hold on.

He can also be used either as a necklace keeper or as a key chain keeper. His legs are bendable, as are his tail and toes.

I have built this fellow so that he is curved, and not flat.  He has so much metal that he can easily survive a 4 foot drop onto cement or tile floors!  He is sturdy and safe to get attached tol!




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