Stained glass aqua and ice blue butterfly suncatcher


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I crafted this lovely blue stained glass butterfly symbol of transformation using the Tiffany method and silvered copper wire to add special details. I made my first blue butterfly for a woman I met working at my outdoor booth who was looking for a butterfly as a sign of life, a symbol of love, and to symbolize rebirth, as a gift for her daughter.

Dimensions and Unique Features

The butterfly measures 3 1/2″ x 4″.   This little gem can be hung in the window or stood on a table with a light so that it casts purple rainbows. The butterfly has legs that can be twisted into a hanger, or it can cling from a trellis or pot edge. It is indoor or outdoor sturdy but elegant.


If you have a special butterfly in mind select custom when you order. I make many of my butterflies out of special glass that is either discontinued, or unique to that particular butterfly. The glass is sometimes gifted to me by a glass masters heirs so that I can make a special butterfly as a remembrance for them.


I make all of my pieces individually, when you order the piece, so there may be slight variations from the photos, or a delay in shipping. Please let mr know if the butterfly is needed right away.

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Additional information

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Dimensions6 × 6 × 5 in

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