Imagine the peace and joy you will bring your loved ones when they receive one of these lovely dragonflies! I made these glorious dragonfly 3 dimensional sculptures in response to my friends’ and families’ stories of magical interactions with dragonflies who have brought the memories and last wishes of relatives or beloved animals that recently passed. They are a comfort, and a joy at any time, and can help mark the anniversary of your loved ones passing.

Dimensions And Materials

I hand make each gorgeous 9″ x 9″ dragonfly from environmentally friendly materials like silver and copper instead of lead for an especially fine gleaming finish.

I use specialty rare stained glass, some of it now discontinued, so that only a few of those pieces remain for purchase, to contribute to the uniqueness of each creation just as the memories they celebrate are also unique.

My special dragonflies come with silvered copper wire legs which easily bend so that the dragonfly tilts to let its wings collect sunlight at any time of day and cast wonderful rainbow shards of light. The dragonfly can also hang outside by their legs twisted together to form a hook, or with wire wrapped around the tail and threaded carefully through the wings to make a loop.

The materials are rust-proof so you can populate your garden as well. This whimsical dragonfly can hang from a branch in a tree outside or even become a fanciful mount for your fairy garden. It could sit on a table, or hang from its front feet. It has a detailed little face, its own personality, with crystal eyes and tiny antennae details.