Stained glass sail boat blue and white 3d gift

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Dreaming of a retirement, or slower life of sun and water? I made the first one of this unique glass royal blue & white sail boat 3D model as a retirement gift in the school colours, for the beloved Principal’s commemorative ceremony. This boat is made from rare deep aqua blue, a lovely combination with the royal blue and white sails. Create new memories, or gift a special someone with a beautiful piece of glass art as a step on their way to a new life.

This beautiful stained glass boat is about 11″ tall, by 8″ long, by 4″ wide and features amazing blue and white stained glass sails made using the copper foil method and came for the deck and mast. The cabin is white glass with tiny railings. The deck is made from aqua blue stained glass, which makes the boat look ghostly sleek and magical. It looks as if it is sailing off into the dawn. It is a scale model of my own design, and detail has been added using copper wire. I have cut and soldered a steering wheel/helm, boom, strut, cables, ties, rope coils, portholes for the cabin, and hatches.

The boat comes with a stand soldered on so it is free standing, and will not rock.

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Weight1.75 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 8 in


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