Teal Stained Glass Dragonfly Sculpture

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This beautiful iridescent teal stained glass dragonfly is handmade with loving attention to detail and structure so as to make it the perfect gift for a grieving loved one.  This special delicate looking yet solidly constructed dragonfly is memorial for a celebration of life that will last.  It is rustproof so it can also be set outside in a garden memorial.

Iridescent Teal Stained Glass Dragonfly Dimensions and Construction

This lovely dragonfly measures 31/2 to 4″ x 31/2 to 4″ and stands 2″ tall. Its wings are made from iridescent stained glass in multiple colours like red, blue, purple, or turquoise, its body is hand sculpted from silver solder, and its legs are copper wire which is usually coated in silver solder, but can be left copper. The legs bend so that the dragonfly can stand balanced anyway you like. They will also bend flat for packing or for hanging in a window. My dragonflies also make great wedding cake toppers or wedding reception table toppers since they are completely unleaded, made with silver and copper, and reflect the light beautifully. Several brides to be have also ordered the dragonfly to be attached by its little legs to their bouquet.

This cute dragonfly can hang from a branch, ceiling fan, or a hook in your window. It could sit on a table, or hang from its front feet. It has a detailed little face, its own personality.

Give this little fellow a home.

*Note: Making my dragonflies can take anywhere from 3 days to 10 days, depending on number of orders already taken, or urgency of order.

Thank you for looking and have a great day!

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