Tree of Life on End of Day Sunset Stained Glass Suncatcher

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I hand cut this gorgeous stained glass disc from mysterious end of day sunset glass, richly textured and swirled with rainbow colour. The tree is sculpted from silver solder and copper foil overlays, twisted silver solder coated copper wire, and has been sculpted on both sides of the piece, so it can be hung either side. Each tree is unique, a one of a kind piece of art.

*The piece measures 6″ across and has been framed in silver came.

**I applied a soft black/pewter patina to finish the piece. This magical piece glows in the day light, and at sunset is once again transformed. Available finishes include, silver, copper, soft black.

***By request, these trees can also function as Family trees, Life Journey beginning or end commemoration, Celebration of Life, and alter pieces for beloved family members that have passed. I can hang motif’s representing family members on branches, or add to and limit the number of branches that I build on the main trunk to represent each member’s place

****Each of my tree of life pieces is one of a kind, and so I hope my customers are aware that there may be a wait for just the right colour of glass to come in. No sheet of glass or tree is exactly the same, so the colour of the glass will vary across the surface, as will the tree. Therefore, making the tree can take 3 days, or 3 weeks. Please let me know right away if this is urgently required, so I can move it up or expedite shipping.

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2 reviews for Tree of Life on End of Day Sunset Stained Glass Suncatcher

  1. Raphaelle Berge

    Very beautiful!
    Very well done, thank you Sharen!

  2. Eden Veum

    It's beautiful! Bought as a gift and the person who received it loves it as well. Beautiful work! Thanks Sharen!

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