Turquoise Stained Glass Butterfly, repositionable legs


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I crafted this gorgeous turquoise stained glass butterfly symbol of transformation using the copper foil method, and lead free silver solder. I used pretty streaky iridescent teal green and textured teal green stained glass for the wings. Silver coated copper wire adds special details. The butterfly measures about 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.  These lovely ethereal creatures are wonderful gifts for your loved ones,  I love my butterflies, one of the few critters I can get really fanciful with, and make of whatever whimsical colour I please!
If you have a special butterfly in mind just ask  when you order. I have made turquoise, pink, red, blue and clear iridescent ones shown. I also make many of my butterflies out of special glass that is either either discontinued, or unique to that particular butterfly.

This little gem can be hung like a mobile from a fan so little children can enjoy it as well as adults, or hung in a window to show off the beautiful colour in the wings. The butterfly has legs that can be twisted into a hanger, or it can cling from a trellis or pot edge. It can stand on a display table or hang using fishing line


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