Unique Purple Stained Glass Dragonfly


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I made this lovely purple stained glass dragonfly for a women who requested something for her view as she was disabled and could only be outside for limited periods of time.  She had had dragonflies surround her in her favorite place shortly after she was injured, which brought her hope of recovering.  Since then she has been touched by dragonflies many times, and is recovering slowly.

 Stained Glass Dragonfly Dimensions & Materials

The dragonfly is about 9 inches long from head to tail, and 9 inches across the wings from tip to tip.  Its made from premium stained glass and silvered copper wire.  I hand sculpt the body each time to add delicate details and personality.  The purple stained glass dragonfly is lead free so it’s environmentally friendly.  It is rustproof, and the legs are bendable for multiple hanging and standing uses.


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