Unique Stained Glass Sailboat Sculpture Schooner

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This gorgeous royal blue stained glass sailboat sculpture was commissioned by a special customer to fit in his arched window 19 feet up. The completed boat stands 19 inches tall, and 29 inches long by 4 inches wide. It is a one of a kind handmade fully rigged stained glass schooner with two cabins, 5 sails, 3 masts, a lifeboat, a winch, and other details.

Stained Glass Sailboat Construction and Materials

To craft this boat, I used the tiffany or copper foil method of stained glass, and three dimensional techniques. I hand cut the sail glass for this boat from rich royal blue streaky stained glass.  I used translucent dark blue water glass for the deck and keel, to give the illusion of floating on water.  The opaque white glass for the cabins, deck fittings and hull are the perfect contrast for the lovely watery blue of the deck.  Details of copper wire hand coated with silver solder, and then bent and soldered each piece of wire into rails, helm, anchor, winch add refinement and reality. I used fine chain for the winch, and copper pipe for the masts. I then suspended the sails on tiny copper rings from the masts.

Sailboat Shipping Terms

Please note, this stained glass sailboat is built when you order it, so there may be a delay in shipping. It could take a month to 6 weeks, but sometimes its possible to build it in less time during slow season.

Sailboat Sculpture Customization

It can be built any colour you like, including white, red, green, and baby blue, my standard colours now.  I developed the unique design for this particular boat, and can customize it in many ways for you. Just ask and I will do my best to build the boat any way you like.  Customization charges are added at the time of purchase.

This lovely boat is a work of art, handcrafted specially for the person you know that loves and admires sailing, sailboats, or the sailing lifestyle.

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