Harvest Moon Tree of Life Stained Glass panel circular Window Art

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I hand cut the pieces for this gorgeous one of a kind stained glass art from deep mysterious midnight blue glass, rich textured gold glass and silvered opalescent glass. The tree is strongly rooted,in a grassy deep olive green plain, and glows golden with the light of life flaming along its core. The black branches contrast with the sky which is gradually growing darker as the harvest moon waxes and wanes, until only wispy clouds are visible in the mysterious midnight blue horizon. I sculpted the tree branches from silver solder and copper foil overlays, and twisted silver solder coated copper wire, then blackened them with black patina, a painstaking labour of love. This magical piece glows in the day light, and the opalescent glass shimmers softly at night.

The first picture is a recent shot by a professional photographer who lit the stained glass so that light would shine through it, and illuminate all of the colours.

The tree has been sculpted on both sides of the piece, so it can be hung either side, although the glass is only iridescent on one side, and framed in brass channel or patinaed came. It measures 14 inches across including frame.

The piece comes with pewter or brass coloured chain, or a deep blue ribbon, your choice, although if there’s no note when purchased, I will ship the pewter chain.
The piece ships insured and carefully bubblewrapped.
Thanks for looking, peace be with you.

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Dimensions14 × 14 in

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